Our XTI heavy duty commercial grade Argo sprayers are designed
specifically for pipeline spraying. They feature:
-52 ft swath
-4 boom sections
-booms operate from cab and can be closed/opened in
4 seconds
-heavy duty light weight quick change out design
-boom breakaways for obstacles
-complete extensive field parts kits for any parts replacement
in remote areas, including boom section pieces
-on board high volume water filtration filling system up to
14 ft of vertical lift
-108 gallon pay load
-automatic tank cleaning system
-real time data transfer between units of areas sprayed while
in operation
-automatic rate control system for accurate/specific rate-rate
is consistent with operators speed
-recall any job spray area to place in back ground for precise
-extensive data logging of all sprayed areas and rates
-automatic chain oilers and sealed bearings
& much more